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Customers Notice Neon Signs!

Have you ever noticed how your eyes are drawn to brightly colored lights? This is what makes neon signs make such an excellent choice for advertising your message. Your body is wired to notice a bright light. Beyond your natural instinct to notice lights, we are conditioned by society to watch for traffic lights and traffic signs. Most shoppers subconsciously look for brightly colored neon signs for advertised sales, etc.

Neon signs come in a variety of colors. Among them are red, blue yellow, white, purple and green. I don’t like to use too much white myself because I liken it to shining a flashlight in the daytime. The other colors show up better. Red and blue are the brightest colors. That is why you see so many neon signs in red. It also sends a subconscious message to stop. You have been conditioned that way by stopping at red traffic lights.

Neon Signs Represent A Real Value!

Most people realize that signs offer a tremendous advertising opportunity.  If a family decides to have a garage sale, someone immediately decides to nail a sign on the telephone pole on the corner. That is because signs are the basic advertising media.

Businesses use many forms of advertising, such as TV ads and newspaper ads. Many of those forms of advertising are expensive and have a short lifespan. If you take out an ad in the local newspaper, for example, the ad is thrown away the next day. A neon sign, however, can burn for 30 years. That is what makes neon signs so valuable. When you consider the time value of the sign coupled with the brightness appeal, it is no wonder that neon signage has become the choice of many wise business owners.  It is hard to imagine how many more customers a neon sign will bring into your store in a 30-year period compared to an ad that appears in the newspaper for one day.

Every Store Needs OPEN Neon Signs!

As a business owner, you should look at an OPEN neon sign as an invitation for customers to enter your store and shop. This is the sign that notifies customers that you are open. You should have a separate sign to advertise your business name that stays lit 24 hours a day, and you can then turn on your OPEN neon sign only when you are open. Some business owners try to save a couple of dollars by combining the OPEN sign with their regular business sign, but this can be a mistake. Lets say that you have two signs that are each 13” high x 32 inches wide. One is a Beauty Salon neon sign and one is an OPEN neon sign. First off, the lettering of the OPEN sign on a 13”H sign will be much bigger than if you try to cram it on the sign along with the two other lines of lettering for “Beauty Salon”. Also as mentioned earlier, the Beauty Salon sign can be on 24 hours a day so that people (especially late at night) can see where your store is even though you are closed. The next morning, you come into your store and pull the chain to turn on your OPEN neon sign and the world now knows that you are open for business.

 Neon Signs Not Just For Business Use!

Many people think of stores and businesses when you mention neon signs or neon lights. While many stores use neon signs for a variety of applications, many individuals like to use neon signs in their homes. Neon signs make great decorations for game rooms. Many people choose a theme of a particular sports team or perhaps a bar or beer neon sign. Turn the basement into a game room or poolroom with the help of neon signs. They may also accessorize the room with neon sculptures or neon clocks. Many folks like to add a neon palm tree sign to their patio or swimming pool area. Some people like to build a home theater with a neon sign at the entrance. There are many things that you can do with neon signage. You are only limited by your imagination.

Neon Signs Represent Powerful Advertising!

Nothing has quite the eye catching advertising appeal of neon signs. It can make a quick and lasting impression on your customer. One of the more important features is, of course, telling the public the name of your business or the type of business you operate. Neon can also notify your customer that you are open or provide your phone number to passers-by. Some neon signs phone number signs can offer the option to customize your phone number on the sign. There are also options for flashing neon signs, which flash on and off to attract even more attention than the traditional neon signs that stay on constantly. The flashing neon signs come with a control knob that allows you to adjust the speed of the flash from constantly on to flashing at a faster and faster pace.

A Convenient Way To Order Neon Signs For Your Small Business!

 Perhaps one of the easiest ways to order a neon sign these days is over the Internet. There are many excellent companies that offer both pre-designed neon signs called “stock” neon signs and custom neon sign work. One excellent company that does a lot of custom work and has been around a long time is Neon Sign World. You can get a sign with one or two lines of customized text that describes your business and hang it in your window. Neon signs are often fairly inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising media. Newspaper ads are thrown out the next day and TV and radio ads are forgotten about 1 second after they air. Neon signs, however, can keep on shining and bringing in customers for many years.

LED Signs Are Cost Effective And Environmentally Friendly!

LED signs use less energy than other forms of lighting. Both incandescent and neon signs use about 4 times as much energy to operate as LED signs. We live on a planet with a finite amount of resources. It is a good idea to ration resources a bit whenever possible so that we don’t run out. As a business owner you will not only feel good about saving energy, but you will also save money since you are using less fuel. The interesting thing about LED is that it has similar brightness to neon with 1/4th the power consumption. Couple the saving with the amazing animation features that animated LED signs offer and the advantages become immediately apparent.

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